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The Passing of a Legend

Will the Supreme Court Pave the Way to a Wealth Tax?

The End of the Summer Is the Beginning of a New Shapiro Era

A Whale of a Tale for the Supreme Court

Reading SFFA v Harvard in Quebec

Let's Blow This Popsicle Stand!

Ukraine Needs NATO—and NATO Needs Ukraine, Too

Freedom Conservatism: A Statement of Principles

My Term on the Virginia Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

Leonid Shapiro (1936-2023)

Another Rebuke for Pen & Phone Governance

A Big Win for Pluralism and Tolerance

SCOTUS Ends Affirmative Action, Sort of

Roberts Charts Middle Path in Election Case

The Immigration Case about Nothing

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The Supreme Court's Big Indian Law Case

SCOTUS Tells District Mappers to Consider Race, But Not Too Much

A Year Since I Left Georgetown

Supreme Court Promises Smooth Sailing to Owners of Waterfront Property

Supreme Court Unanimously Rules That Home Equity Theft Is Unconstitutional

Book Update

Dishonest Abe and the Phony War Over SCOTUS “Ethics”

Final SCOTUS Argument of the Term Should Be Big Win for Property Rights

Don't Take Freedom of Speech for Granted

Indicting Trump Benefits Him, Hurts America

My House Testimony on Campus Free Speech

Running a Gauntlet to Avoid an Event Shutdown

My Favorite Cocktail Is the Omar Bradley

Is the Supreme Court Heating Up Again?

Super Bowl Pledge of Allegiance

Not Teaching Critical Race Theory Doesn't Mean Not Teaching Black History

One Year Since THE TWEET

Announcing a Major New Initiative to Combat Academic Illiberalism

My Night at the (Anti-Putin) Russian Ball

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