My visit to the University of Denver Law School provoked quite a ruckus.
It's a great story -- and part of my American journey.

February 2023

February is a cold, dreary month, and the justices are on the slowest decision-making pace in modern history -- but that could change very quickly.
It was nice to see the patriotism, but I’m talking football.
The College Board give Ron DeSantis a win in the scuffle over an AP course, plus an update on my lecture tour (spoiler alert: no protests since that one…

January 2023

A year ago I was in the midst of the “four days of hell” that took my career in a different direction.
Alongside my MI colleague Chris Rufo and the Goldwater Institute's Matt Beienburg, I propose model state legislation to rein in racialist higher-ed…
What a treat to attend this annual event that was founded to celebrate Russian culture by those who fled the murderous communists and now again stands…
Proud to announce that I have a contract with HarperCollins to publish Law & Disorder: The Illiberal Takeover of Legal Education

December 2022

I'll do a better job of publicizing here what I write elsewhere next year, but here are my best from this year -- and a tease about what's to come next.
The hardest confirmations come when there’s a potential for a big shift -- but the Supreme Court rules on so many controversies that political battles…
I aired grievances and engaged in feats of jurisprudential strength. Nobody pinned me, but there was an aluminum pole.